Lease Management

All you need to do is entrust us with this task. Thanks to the rental management service we will ensure that the investment in renting real estate brings the expected profits and saves you time associated with organization and supervision. We have several years of experience in managing rental of flats and apartments in Warsaw. We offer our services to Polish and foreign property owners.

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Rental management process

  • Real estate audit
  • Preparation for rent
  • Searching for a tenant
  • Rental administration

Real estate audit

  • Evaluation of the property intended for & nbsp; rental in terms of visual, technical, location.

  • Preparation of guidelines aimed at increasing the rental price of real estate.

  • Identification of the potential target group of tenants.

Preparation for rent

  • Adjustment of the flat in terms of guidelines from the audit, for example, making possible repairs, renovations, home staging service.

  • Photo shoot of the property.

  • The final inventory of real estate - preparation of the apartment card along with its content and technical condition.

  • Determining the tenant's profile and the expected rental price.

Searching for a tenant

  • Effective promotion and presentation of real estate offers to potential clients.

  • Finding a tenant and his initial verification. 

  • Verification of provided documents necessary to conclude a property rental contract. 

  • Preparation of a lease agreement securing the real estate owner's interest.

  • Preparing the delivery and acceptance protocol and handing over the property based on the tenant.


Rental administration

  • Representing the Owner against the property insurer, municipal office, media suppliers and administration.

  • Conclusion of insurance of premises on behalf of the Owner.

  • Inspections in the premises, every six months reporting on the condition of the property at the Owner's request.

  • Organization of debt collection activities related to arrears in rent payments.

  • Assistance with proper tax settlement of rental income.

  • Coordination of possible repairs during the lease period.

  • Property damage verification.

  • Tenant monitoring to maintain the continuity of the lease.

  • At the end of the lease settlement with the Lessee of the deposit, including advances for the media, preparation of the acceptance protocol.

  • Supervision of repairs, cleaning, if required at the end of the lease period.

Home Staging & Interior Design

Interior metamorphosis for the purpose of selling or renting a property (Home Staging)

As part of our offer you will find the Home Staging service. The service is directed to people who intend to rent or sell a property. The main purpose of Home Staging is to increase the value of real estate in the event of selling or obtaining a larger rent from renting. Often, we do not realize that, at a small cost, we can completely change the character of the interior. Additives such as wallpapers, paintings or upholstery, often unappreciated, are important. Home Staging aims to improve the quality of the interior in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Such a change will allow you to refresh and highlight the value of your property and, consequently, increase the number of potential buyers or tenants.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our department of arranging and finishing of turnkey interiors.


Ongoing monitoring of the primary and secondary market & co-operation with our Partners allows us to offer you attractive investment products in Warsaw. In our opinion, the purchase of a real estate, regardless of its purpose, is an investment that requires proper preparation and proper analysis. We offer comprehensive advice, access to attractive investment solutions and assistance in choosing their financing.

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About Us

Happy House is a company founded in 2005 specializing in comprehensive services related to real estate services in and around Warsaw. We deal with the purchase and sale of residential real estate, property rental management, as well as arrangement and interior design. In addition, we are happy to share knowledge about investing in real estate.

Our priority is to expand the range of services in such a way as to be a partner for our clients providing support at every stage of real estate investment. Our team consists of experienced specialists who are perfectly aware of what they do. We are constantly monitoring the Warsaw real estate market in order to be able to offer our clients modern solutions - both in the sphere of rental and sale of real estate, as well as in the field of design, arrangement and finishing.

If you want to get to know us better, please contact us and get acquainted with our projects. I guess there is no better way to introduce ourselves to clients than to present what we are involved in every day.

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