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Plus Package complements the previously chosen finishing program. As part of the package, we prepare a conceptual design and help in selecting the rest of the room arrangement. In addition, we organize the purchase, transport and supervision of the assembly of selected elements of additional equipment such as window decorations, lighting, bathroom accessories, and free-standing furniture.

As part of the Plus Package, we also have an attractive range of kitchen furniture with household appliances and sliding and classic closet wardrobes based on the packages we have prepared. In addition, it is possible to make various types of non-standard furniture from a wide range of available materials.

Services provided as part of the Plus Package:

  • Air conditioning
    system selection and supervision of assembly
  • Kitchen furniture and wardrobesdesign, assembly supervision
  • Lighting decorations selection and supervision of assembly
  • Audio-Video systems selection and supervision of assembly
  • Furniture and other equipment selection
  • Greenery development project and work supervision

For each additional service selected after determining its scope, you will receive an individual quote.

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